Dan O’Leary


1QBit develops software for Quantum Computing. They were founded in Vancouver at the end of 2012, and in the following three years, they raised over $7.5M, become strategic partners with NASA, and Google’s Quantum AI lab, and attracted top professionals in the field of quantum physics, exponential technology, and finance as advisors and employees.

The past identity was already looking dated, and typographically played on tech clichés. As a young company in a volatile industry, 1QBit were cautious not to lose the equity they had, so an evolution of their identity was seen as the best course. I updated their colour palette and provide depth without really changing it, but softened the tone by replacing black. Typographically, the identity has grown-up; smart, but accessible, and ready to go out to raise another $50M in series-B funding.

As well as a new identity, I provided new designs for white paper documents and other templates used for disseminating 1QBit’s knowledge to their community and audience. The scope also included printed stationery, and a complete brand standards guide.