Dan O’Leary

BC Place logo design

BC Place

BC Place stadium was constructed in 1983 by the Province of British Columbia as part of the preparations for Expo ’86. The stadium received an extensive interior and architectural upgrades completed between 2009 and 2011, the most significant of which  saw the replacement of the aging air-supported roof with the world’s largest cable-supported retractable roof, allowing the playing surface to be open to the sky for the first time in its history. The work also included improvements to every part of the public areas, vastly improving the overall customer experience.

A new identity was required to reflect this transformation of the stadium to a contemporary, world-class facility. Building on the first phase of rebranding work and new visual language system developed by Karacters/DDB Canada, the new logo takes the iconic architecture of the stadium’s new roof and expresses it in its simplest but most recognizable terms against a silhouette of the landscape of Vancouver’s North Shore mountains, symbolizing a view seen by every visitor.

(Work completed at DDB Canada.)