Dan O’Leary


Founded in 1837, Brauerei Ottakringer is the last large brewery remaining in Vienna, Austria. A retail outlet already existed at their city brewery, but it was a purely functional outlet and had little to no brand engagement. Another popular aspect of their retail business was help with party planning where customers could not only purchase all their beverages from the brewery in bottle, can or keg, but also rent everything else required from glassware to pumps and bars. It was imperitive to create a retail experience which could deliver all this, but with a powerful brand presence and personality.

The concept reimagines the entire customer experience and envelopes it in a more powerful visual brand expression. The graphic platform is brash and bold and exploits Ottakringer’s powerful and recognisable colour palette. The semi-industrial warehouse-styling of the interior environment is partially functional, but also reinforces the notion that it’s an extension of the brewery; this provides a strong sense that customers are buying their beer as fresh as possible, direct from the source. The graphics follow these environmental cues and play up this industrial feel.

(Work completed at 20|20 Design & Strategy, London, UK.)